What’s Your “Big Why”?

What’s Your “Big Why”?

            According to Gary Keller in his book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA), “…one thing all high achievers have in common is they are working for a Big Why. The Big Why is about having a purpose, a mission, or a need, that in turn gives you focus. High Achievers always have a Big Why powering their actions.”  Ever seen anyone work the day before their vacation begins?  It’s amazing! They instantly become the model employee, showing others how to get things done. What is their Big Why? VACATION! So, the day before, the employee is on a time-management mission by screening calls, ignoring trivial emails, and forgoing the water tank chit chat. Tasks are accomplished in record time, there is still time to drop the dog off, pack their bags, and put the mail on hold! A Big Why brings big focus and big energy; likewise, a Little Why brings little focus & little energy.  What if you could live every day with such purpose & concentration? How far could go? How much could you achieve?

            I have plenty of whys I could discuss, but Gary Keller mentions numerous times that my Big Why should be “Being the best I can be”.  This adage can be applied in virtually every dimension of my life…and yours.  Be the best parent you can be. Be the best sibling you can be. Be the best child you can be. Be the best employee you can be. Be the best spouse you can be. Be your best for God. Living the “be the best I can be” lifestyle is certainly easier said than done, but it is possible. It takes intense focus & concentration on your Big Why. Make a Big Why focus board and hang it where you can look at it EVERY day; where you can be reminded and inspired by it. Here’s mine:


            The last three years have brought me a lot of hardship and extremely dramatic changes to my life.  In hindsight, I can honestly say that only my faith brought me through it all and I am in a better place for it.  The one thing that kicked my motivation into high gear was earning my real estate license, something I had been wanting for over 10 years.  I just always found something else to spend that time and money on.  But when I suddenly found myself with all the time in the world and very little money, I jumped in head first and signed up for Real Estate classes that just so happened to start on my birthday. Now, I was on my way to the career of my dreams, the career I have always felt I was put on this Earth to do. Society tells us to do what we love, and it will never feel like a job. I am living proof. In the beginning, and still now (sometimes), it is/was quite a struggle, testing my family, my faith, and questioning my decisions. I dug in my heels and did my best to produce business and get my career going. Now I’m proud when a former client sends a referral to me, or when someone randomly recognizes my face or name. It is proof that I am doing what I am meant to do and my business continues to grow year over year.

            So, what’s your Big Why? Get a pad of paper and a pen, and sit quietly for a moment and start jotting down all your little whys….why you do what you do every day. Is it for your kids? Save for retirement? Want a new car? Supporting your elderly parents?  It is the cumulative of all your little whys that lead you to your Big Why.  My little whys that add up to my Big Why of “Being the best I can be” are helping others pursue the “American Dream”, create security for a balanced personal life & financial management, Acquire or build my dream house on the lake, “Live like no one else now, so I can live like no one else later” (Dave Ramsey), create passive income from investing in real estate to support my children’s college life, retirement, and “play time”, do all things pleasing to God & for His will, and ultimately provide for my kids and live “comfortably”. I will not achieve these things unless I am trying to be the best I can be EVERY single day. So, think about it, meditate on it, write your thoughts down. Make this your New Year’s resolution. Achieve your small goals one at a time, that will lead you to your big goal, your Big Why. Be blessed this Christmas & New Year.

 Love, Mary





*I am a Realtor® with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners North Gwinnett. I am a listing specialist for the North Gwinnett, South Hall, South Jackson, and West Barrow areas. I can be contacted at MaryFerguson@kw.com, on Facebook at MaryFerguson-kwAgent, or visit my website, www.NortheastGAhomes.com. Real estate is my passion & purpose. I love what I do, & I’d love to help you!